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by Sylvia Rose

“The world needs women to stand in leadership," writes Sylvia Rose, “black women in particular. We need to lead from the insight that we have had at the bottom. We need to take our valley experiences to those on the mountaintop. We need to serve as lawyers for those who, through mere birth and bad breaks, cannot know justice in a system that too often recognizes and rewards wealth. We must be jurists because we have been misjudged. We must sit on corporate boards and become CEOs because we make up a great majority of the blue-collar jobs that fill the coffers of the corporate world. We have been great mothers but it’s time for us to birth other things. This generation needs something that our lives contain, and we must answer their call.”

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"This book is a wonderful inspiration for African American women to become more active in seeking and working in positions of leadership. We can make a difference in the world."
-Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence (D-MI 14)


"Contemporary and Historical; Insightful and Authentic; Inspirational and Encouraging. This reading was an experience in that it masterfully chronicled some aspect of the life of every woman I know. Rise Up: A Call to Leadership for African American Women calls women to lead "because they can." The author has written a GIFT worth reading that is also a GIFT worth giving."
-LaWanda R. Russell, Human Resources Manager, W. Bloomfield, MI.

"Although the intended audience is to African American women, the wisdom and guidance contained in the pages of Rise Up transcend race and gender.  We ALL need to rise up and make the choice to lead without hesitation or apology." 
-Pastor Maria Jones, Journey Church of Hudson Valley, Monroe, NY.

"RISE UP is a manual for women who want to see God move them from the pew to the pavement."
-Patricia A. Wiley, CEO, Inform Yourself, Inc., Southfield, MI.

"Sylvia Rose, in her book “Rise Up” has given African American women some practical tools needed to be the leaders we were created to be. This book is an extremely helpful reference when dealing with various situations in the workplace." 
-Patricia A. Maxwell, LMSW- Supervisor II Social Services, Long Island, NY.


Rise Up is a clarion call to women and African-American women in particular, to be the leaders they've been waiting for. Sylvia Rose challenges women to courageously pursue God's purposes for their lives even if those purposes are in conflict with the wishes and theological rhetoric of others.
-Rev. Dr. Irie L. Session, D.Min.,Pastor, Warren Ave. Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Dallas, TX.

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