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Beyond Burial Bereavement

A service of compassion to the bereaved

Beyond Burial Bereavement was originally designed as an AfterCare Program but was later developed to assist the bereaved in going through the funeral preparation, burial and then providing assistance to the bereaved with their after-burial needs. This is a private consultation that is done at the request of the families. We meet with them in their homes and at the funeral homes as well. We are available to the families to assist with all of the needs and services for a compassionate transition of loved ones.

As funeral consultants, we can provide counseling regarding choice of funeral homes, pre-planning, cremation and standard burials. We do not select or prefer various funeral homes but assist the families in seeing that their choices and desires are met at whichever place they choose. We do have some price lists of the various services offered in the metropolitan Detroit area and therefore can advise according to the affordability of the need. However, the greater part of this ministry is performed months after one has buried a loved one, thereby the name – Beyond Burial Bereavement.

Pastors... Without Pulpits

At Great Heritage Ministries we believe that a pastor is a role and not merely a title. It is therefore not restricted to buildings but is a state of the heart that produces a life of service to people. God said He would give us pastors (shepherds) after His own heart who will feed you with knowledge, understanding and judgment. (Jeremiah 3:15)


Pastors Without Pulpits (PWP) encourages ministers and those with ministry gifts to use them to the glory of God and for the benefit of His flock outside of the walls of the traditional church building. The Bible says that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. There is an obvious need for pastors, shepherds who will, without concern for religious affiliation or church membership, demonstrate the love of God to those in need. Visitation of the sick in hospitals and nursing homes as well as to those in prison is encouraged.  PWP also minister to seniors in housing facilities and to those of any age who are shut in their homes because of infirmities or disabilities that prohibit their worship at church facilities. A principal goal of PWP is to stand in the gap for God’s people; to ensure that pastoral care is given and received by those who most need it.

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Senior Care Services

An important part of Great Heritage Ministries is seeing to the needs of those often left behind or disconnected from the mainstream of life and its benefits and services. We believe that many of our seniors are not "shut in" but have been shut out of areas that are not conducive to their physical needs and have therefore been dismissed and disenfranchised as believers. To this end, we provide spiritual care for seniors who are no longer able to enjoy regular church attendance by providing them with worship services in their living quarters.

In accordance with our beliefs that pastors are not limited to physical buildings but are only limited by their ability to care, we hold services in nursing homes, senior living facilities or at bedsides. These services often include the sacrament of communion for those who so desire it and it is not restricted to sex or race.

Great Heritage Ministries and Minister Sylvia Rose currently provide Sunday morning services at the Lakeland Nursing Center in Southfield, MI.

If you have a need or know of a senior who could use our ministry services at their bedside or in their homes or nursing facilities, contact us at the number, e-mail or address on our contact page.

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