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Who We Are...

Great Heritage Ministries, Inc. is a non-denominational, Christ-centered ministry. We profess and teach no doctrine or belief above Christ being the single, most important commonality among believers.

He is always professed and stressed as the answer to all of the needs of mankind in the 21st century and the only way through which salvation and real peace can be attained. Though not a church, Great Heritage Ministries attracts a community of like believers from all denominations to our services and serves the same. With a primary goal of elevating the eyes and minds of others that they may see and experience God intimately, our motto is seeing yourself in God.

Mission Statement: Great Heritage Ministries will dedicate itself to building the faith and promise in mankind. We will serve all nationalities, all races and all beliefs in restoring relationships with God and in bridging relationships with one another. Because we will strengthen faith, we will destroy the ignorance that has fed the fears of man and kept him from knowing who he really is in Christ and in becoming that which he was created and designed to be.

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